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Create your tomorrow with a Savings® account.

What's a Savings® account?

A fee-free online savings account with a great rate for any savings balance.


Annual Percentage Yield

A great rate for any savings balance


No monthly fees to keep your account going


To open or keep the account

Say yes to the future with Savings.

Your savings will be right there with you.

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Great Rate

Save at your own pace while earning 1.00% APY on your savings account balance.

FDIC-Insured Icon


Keep your savings secure with FDIC Insurance up to allowable limits.

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Top Rated Mobile App

Deposit checks from the couch and check your balance on-the-go with secure mobile banking.

Savings come in all shapes (and balances). For account balances of $10,000 or more, find out how you can earn one of the nation's best rates with a Money Market® account.

You work hard for your dreams.

Make it a little easier with a great rate for any savings balance.

Account Balance Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
All balances 1.00%

APYs are variable and effective 5/11/2018.

"With the Automatic Savings Plan, I put money into my long-term savings accounts right after payday. Money for doctor's visits, vehicle expenses and other irregular/high-cost needs is safely adding up and earning interest, ready for whenever I need it!"

Suzanne S., Selma, TX

Planning ahead pays off.

A little can go a long way. Open an account with no minimum balance requirements and get a great online savings rate just for having money in the bank.

Keep your savings saved.

You've done your part, now let us do ours. All Legacy Apex Savings deposits are FDIC-insured up to the allowable limits.

A savings account always open for business.

Free account transfers.

Keep your savings growing with free transfers from any external or Legacy Apex account.

Automatic savings plans.

Keep your savings growing with automatic transfers.

Savings goals.

Set up a Savings Goal for your account to track your progress each day.

Mobile check deposit

Make deposits from anywhere using our top-rated mobile app.

Learn More

Savings: 101

Unlock everything you need to know to open a Savings account today. For answers, just click the arrow next to each question below.

  • How do I make a deposit into my online savings account?

    Add money to your account at any time by making a mobile deposit, setting up an Automatic Savings Plan, or transferring money from another Legacy Apex account or external bank account. You can also make a deposit at a Legacy Apex ATM or by wiring money into the account.

  • How do I transfer money?

    Use the Transfers & Deposits tab on your account to transfer cash from a linked account, make a deposit using the top rated mobile app, or start saving on a schedule with an Automatic Savings Plan.

  • Can I link my Savings account to other accounts?

    Absolutely. When you open your Savings® account, we'll use the checking account information you provide for your initial deposit to create a link between your checking and Savings account. If you already have a Legacy Apex account, your accounts will be linked automatically.

  • How do I make a withdrawal?

    You can make a deposit or withdrawal using your computer, mobile phone, or by giving us a call. Sign into your account online, call our Interactive Phone Service, or call and speak to a Legacy Apex Associate. And remember, savings accounts are for saving, so you'll only be able to make up to 6 withdrawals a month due to federal laws. If you need to make more transfers, head over to Checking for a checking account with no withdrawal limits.

  • How many savings accounts can I have?

    Well, how big can you dream? Account holders can open up to 25 accounts between Savings and Money Market. Set up separate online savings accounts for your emergency fund, college savings, or a down payment on a house.

  • What's the difference between a Savings account and a Money Market savings account?

    A Savings account has no fees and no minimum balance. You'll get free tools to help you save and our everyday savings rate regardless of your account balance. The Money Market savings account includes the same great features-like no fees-but pays one of the nation's best savings rates for accounts with balances of $10,000 or more.

  • Can I open a Savings account at a Legacy Apex® branch?

    Life doesn't just happen within business hours. That's why Savings and other accounts are online-only-so that you can bank on your schedule. While accounts can't be opened at a Legacy Apex branch, they still come with awesome free digital tools (and a top-rated mobile app) to help you manage your money, anytime, anywhere. If "anywhere" does happen to be near a Legacy Apex branch, stop by to learn more about additional banking options only available at our branch locations.

Find an ATM or Legacy Apex Café near you.

When you need us, we'll be there. Make deposits and withdraw cash at a Legacy Apex ATM near you or experience banking reimagined at a Legacy Apex Café.

Already in the neighborhood?

These products are available online, on your phone, and in Legacy Apex Cafés. If you live near a Legacy Apex location, find the Legacy Apex near you or talktalk to a Legacy Apex associate to learn more about our branch products.

See what other Legacy Apex customers are saying.

" "

"The interest rate is unmatched. My savings is actually working within itself and it's good to know the more I put in the more I can get back."

Rajiv P., Buffalo, NY

"I love the Legacy Apex Savings account because I can put some money away every month, watch it make interest, and not be penalized if it doesn't reach some arbitrary bank balance demands."

Jon-Julius L., Buford, GA

"The ability to create multiple savings accounts for free that allow me to manage multiple savings goals at once are what makes this product stand out. It has really allowed me to reach my financial goals, especially since it is linked to my Checking."

Justin B., Oakmont, PA

Mobile Deposit is available only in the U.S. and U.S. Territories. Web access is needed to use Mobile Banking. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges.

For certain banking products we offer, fees assessed at any ATM within the United States and at some ATMs located outside the United States will be reimbursed within 5 business days, up to $15 per statement period.

At certain ATMs owned and operated by Legacy Apex Bank located in gaming establishments and at certain other non-branch locations having no Legacy Apex signage, you may be charged a fee up to $4.99 for each cash withdrawal. The amount of the fee varies by location and will be displayed on the ATM screen. You will be given an opportunity to cancel the transaction before the fee is imposed. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.

Based on a 4.6/5 star customer rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.5/5 star customer rating on the Apple App Store as of 02/05/2018.

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